Massimo Russo started his research activity in 1995, within the department of planning of the Faculty Federico II in Naples. Subsequently, with a study on the primordial human groups, he starts a course of collaboration with the department of psychiatry of the University of Sacro Cuore in Rome joining anthropology, organization of the living systems and new computer technologies.

Over the years the firm has participated in national and international competitions winning prizes and awards. Recent studies on “beauty algorithms” find application and sinergy within the architectural and urban design and in the innovative explore design processes for the parametric generation of complex “systems”. He has been associated with Daedalus Architecture in Montpellier since 2017.


Cecilia Polcari
Sophie Morel

Marco de Maio
Feliciano Ricciardelli

Pasquale Caputo
Assuntina Vitale

Giiuseppina Santoro
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